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Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

A Tale of One Word

Why I write under the title "A Tale of One Word"? and whether a word is? The word is the rainbow ... Why Rainbow? And What about Rainbow?

This story begins when I've finished my graduation, the next day I went for a walk with my friends and family. After a tour of an object, we see the rainbow, and happened when it runs out of rain and the sky was still bright ..

One of my friends say that I pray, in fact I do not believe in mystical things, because my friend from Japan and there may be a certain belief in his country when he saw the Rainbow, and he said it was a good sign, so I followed his advice .. and I pray that soon be able to work ... although now I'm still a lawyer (unemployment many events .. ^ ^)

This is the picture of the rainbow which I'm told ...

But despite it all I'm still wondering what was wrong with the Rainbow? Because of past experience, if I liked something will definitely happen in the future ...

I used to love reading books about education, until I borrowed library books about education, but I was busy for the Skripsi and Departement in my University is not education, why did I even read a book about education? weird right?
But I realize now, if the book is actually helping me now, because now I go to college majoring in Education ...

Back to the topic ... One time I saw a photo on Facebook ...
Where I saw a man who kissed a guy too ... Is the person was gay? but I do not want to discuss that person, I just want to find out why people could be gay?

Then I was asked by Mbah Google about Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender. And I also often visit the blogs of people who tell the story of the GLBT life .. From the search results with the help of Google I found a symbol of the GLBT ...

~ To Be Continued ~

2 komentar:

  1. Pelangi menurut cerita adalah jembatannya para bidadari yang mau mandi kebumi,hehehe.
    Lanjut dunk kisah kehidupan GLBT,menarik untuk diketahui kayanyaditunggu yach.
    Makasih ceritanya.
    Nice sharing,happy blogging.

    1. Tq dah baca ceritaku ini, sebenernya ini bukan cerita tentang GLBT. Ini tentang kisahku aja yang saling berhubungan antara satu dengan lainnya, hingga menuju sebuah kata yaitu "rainbow".


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