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Jumat, 16 September 2011

A Tale of One Word II

L'arc -en -ciel... 

The first time I saw this clothes, I saw the style and color.
I like the color pink, I do not see the writing on the clothes .

"L'arc-en-ciel" I do not know what this means? and its language?
After a while I wear this clothes, I know the meaning of "L'arc-en-ciel"

The first is a band from Japan state that the flow is Javanese Rock. Member Hyde (vocals), Ken (guitar), Tetsu (bass), and Yukihiro (drum). This band was founded by Tetsu in February 1991. 

Both L'arc-en-ciel in French language means rainbow...

5 komentar:

  1. ya ya ya ... aku sudah tahu kalo artinya pelangi

  2. Aku lagi pamer baju baru om... hehhee... :)

  3. baju warna warni jadinya la wong artinya rainbow gitu gan hehe


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